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Erik Fossum Faerevaag

Founder & President, Disruptive Technologies

“Over a year ago, we hired BLUME to launch our US commercial expansion. They quickly solidified themselves as the linchpin of our commercial growth in the US and beyond. Their early-stage growth expertise, enterprise sales savvy and deep industry connections, enabled us to scale much faster than we would have if we built a team ourselves. We will be scaling up BLUME’s engagement over the coming months, and are excited about the future of our partnership!”

Steven Sperry

CEO & Co-Founder, Minnow

“We engaged BLUME because of their successful track record launching proptech ventures. They helped us navigate a complex web of stakeholders in a highly nuanced industry, resulting in valuable relationships and a refined GTM strategy. I highly recommend BLUME for any early-stage technology company selling into the real estate industry.”

Elizabeth Redmond

CEO & Co-Founder, CoWorkr

“BLUME combines scalable B2B sales methodologies with relationships throughout the real estate and tech ecosystem. Their deep industry knowledge spans across the entire CRE ecosystem which allowed us to put plans into action quickly. All around a great experience!”

Cameron Steele

CEO & Co-Founder, Leaseable

“We decided to hire BLUME because we need the help of commercial real estate veterans that specialize in helping early stage proptech startups generate commercial growth. Andy and team are helping us jumpstart our marketing and sales efforts with leading owners and operators throughout the CRE market. They have a well-defined process and are delivering for us on key milestones; we are grateful for their partnership!”

Bob Dolan

VP Sales, Triax Technologies

“The BLUME team was instrumental in helping us develop new markets, refine our GTM strategy, and optimize our demand generation engine. Hiring BLUME allowed us to test and iterate at a time when we weren’t quite at the stage to build out an internal team. I recommend them without hesitation.”

Lisa West

VP Marketing, InSite

“They said they could deliver, and they did. BLUME had a well-defined process that they clearly laid out and implemented flawlessly. The result was a 3x increase in pipeline growth, a new Fortune 500 client in less than 2 months, and a scalable sales program for the future. I highly recommend them!”

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